About the Vote on August 15th

Why is an election necessary? 

As a Parish entity and a service district hospital dedicated to serving the residents of the East Bank of Jefferson Parish, by law, the sale requires a public vote of all registered voters.

When is the vote?

The vote will happen on Saturday, August 15. Early voting is from Saturday, July 25 through Saturday, August 8, with the exception of Sundays.

How can I register to vote for this election?

It’s easy! You can register to vote by mail or online through the Louisiana Secretary of State’s website. Click here to learn more. 

How can I register to vote by mail for this election?

You can request a mail-in ballot for this election online and by mail. More information on how to request a ballot to mail-in is available here

How can I help?

You can VOTE YES on August 15th

If you’d like to encourage others to VOTE YES, there are flyers and yard signs available through this website. 

About the Proposed Partnership

Why is LCMC Health buying East Jefferson General Hospital? What are the terms of the sale? 

The decision to partner with LCMC Health is meant to preserve and strengthen the future of an outstanding community hospital. While East Jefferson General Hospital’s ability to survive as a standalone hospital was in question, the hospital and its Board of Directors took the necessary steps to preserve the hospital, employee jobs, and physician practices and chosen the right partner to maintain quality health care for the community.

Under the terms of the agreement, LCMC Health will pay a guaranteed purchase price of $90 million for East Jefferson General Hospital and its operations. 

What are the benefits to voting yes to the sale? 

Voting yes will help preserve the hospital, employee jobs and allow East Jefferson residents to continue enjoying the level of patient care they have come to expect. In addition to continuity of care, other benefits include ensuring the longstanding job security of the hospital’s nearly 3,000 employees. Key elements of the partnership include continuity of the patient-to-trusted-doctor relationship that East Jefferson General Hospital’s patients currently enjoy close to home and across a wide variety of services. Lastly, it will allow both organizations to carry out their not-for-profit missions of treating every person in New Orleans and the surrounding parishes like family by providing them with access to the best possible health care. 

Will the cost of health care change as a result of the acquisition?  

No. LCMC Health is focused on providing the highest quality patient care for the community and works collaboratively with insurers to set rates and will continue to do so.

If this partnership is not approved, is there another option?

No, there are no other options available at this time and the hospital cannot remain open as a standalone facility. The partnership with LCMC Health is the community’s best hope for continuing  the outstanding level of health care service provided by East Jefferson General Hospital for nearly a half century. 

This proposal has been through a rigorous public process. Additionally, the Jefferson Parish Council commissioned a third-party group, H2C, an independent health care firm, to evaluate the deal. “Based on our analysis of the facts and circumstances” they concluded, “…H2C believes the transaction value range is fair, from a financial point of view.”

Is the hospital able to meet its current financial obligations?

East Jefferson General Hospital is currently meeting its financial obligations but it would be impossible for it to continue to meet these challenges going forward.

Will my doctor still be an East Jefferson General Hospital physician?

Yes, as part of the partnership with East Jefferson General Hospital and LCMC Health, patients can be assured they will continue to see their regular care teams and physicians at East Jefferson General Hospital. 

Will I be able to go to different hospitals within the LCMC Health system?

Yes. Though East Jefferson General Hospital would maintain its current name and culture, it would become a part of the LCMC Health family, joining Children’s Hospital New Orleans, New Orleans East Hospital, Touro, University Medical Center New Orleans and West Jefferson Medical Center. This means patients, doctors and staff will have access to LCMC Health’s extensive network of services and resources. 

Will my insurance still be accepted?


What will happen to the facility at Clearview and Veterans Blvd?

The facility is included in the transaction and will be acquired by LCMC Health.